Release Log

4 Sep 2018: Brusherator 1.4.1

  • new Add from History favourites option for adding buttons
  • Labels can be not only text, but also thumbnails
  • third Brusherador panel: Brusherator Plus 2
  • Performance improvements
  • Selected tool is visible on Brusherator History
  • option to remove Alternative in the Edit Button window
  • Wrong placement of thumbnail button names fixed
  • Various small fixes

9 Aug 2018: Brusherator 1.4.0

  • Performance improvements
  • Better buttons rendering
  • Sample shelf updated with 1.4 features
  • Various fixes

25 Oct 2017: Brusherator 1.3.5

  • Fixed Delete and Export for Brush Presets in CC2018
  • Fixed inability to change Previewrator panel size in PS CC2018
  • Fixed toggle_alternative script not working with Brush Presets
  • Fixed \ symbol in shelf name causing troubles

18 Oct 2017: Brusherator 1.3.4

  • Fixed inability to change panel size in PS CC2018
  • Fixed rare freezes on Win10
  • Scripts from symbolic links inside PS Scripts folder are imported correctly
  • I fixed something in bt_cycle script but I don’t remember what
  • Installer installs additional scripts to CC2018 folder

25 May 2017: Brusherator 1.3.3

  • Fixed an error with localised PS versions

24 May 2017: Brusherator 1.3.2

  • New documentation
  • Panel settings are stored in Photoshop rather in Web Storage (this will reset current settings on first launch)
  • Resize handler active area is smaller now, easier to move small buttons in Edit Mode
  • bt_cycleTool will respect Preserve Brush Size option
  • BT_ and BTP_ shelf switchers will reveal the panel if it’s hidden and won’t reload the panel if they’re supposed to load the active shelf (please recreate your switchers with the updated BT_brushes.jsx)
  • No more scrollbars when tabs are visible
  • Resize to Content option respects tabs (in most cases lol)
  • Fixed Transfer Buttons for PS CC 2013
  • Fixed bt_cycleTools script for PS CC 2013
  • Buttons are created in correct coordinates in Tabbed mode
  • Current Thumb appearance option from Edit Button won’t require an opened document to work

17 Apr 2017: Brusherator 1.3.1

  • ️Tooltips for all functions
  • ️Tooltips on buttons will show the name of the preset they’re linked to
  • ️Scripts in Alias folders will appear in Select Scripts windows
  • ️Scrollbars are in the color of Photoshop UI and smaller
  • Fixed some crashings on Windows 10
  • Sample panel only loads from Brusherator, not Brusherator Plus
  • No more persistent scrollbar when Show Shelves is enabled

28 Mar 2017: Brusherator 1.3.0

  • Sample shelf for first-time users
  • Scripts may be added on the panel as buttons
  • Export/Import Shelves
  • Delete several (selected) buttons in one go
  • Add a button from last used preset
  • Cycle between two last used buttons (with <b>bt_cycleTools</b>)
  • Holding SHIFT while hitting “add from active tool” will create a new button using the last used settings
  • Bottom-right menu disappears if the panel size is too small
  • Set background color for auto-thumbnails
  • Create/update alternative presets directly from Edit Button window
  • Marquee select several buttons
  • Align/stack buttons, match their size and background color
  • Option to auto-resize Brusherator to panel content (CC2015 and above)
  • Bottom-right menu remembers its state
  • Alternative tools can use both prefix “a_” and suffix “_a”
  • Buttons with missing tools marked with red overlay
  • Buttons with missing thumbnails marked with red cross
  • GUI support all 4 colors of the Photoshop UI color
  • Better icons for light verision, icons are SVG now
  • All Brusherator scripts are now in separate category
  • BT is more prone to weird shelf names
  • Warnings for presets with emoji symbols (they’ll cause errors)
  • No more weird behaviour of buttons with negative coordinates
  • No more buttons stacking upon each other (buttons made in the same coordinates will spread out after panel reload)
  • Buttons always respect the grid
  • Fixed weird text rendering on Windows for text buttons
  • Errors in shelf files won’t cause the panel to break
  • ExternalObject error

05 Dec 2016: Brusherator 1.2.1

  • Panel persistence is turned on

05 Dec 2016: Brusherator 1.2.0

  • Brusherator Plus: a second panel for more tools!
  • Move several buttons at once
  • Copy or move brushes between shelves
  • Option to show shelves as tabs
  • Create new tool and brush presets directly from Brusherator
  • Rename and duplicate shelves
  • Update current preset from Flyout menu
  • More scripts for power users
  • ️New buttons are added under the cursor (when added from RMB menu/hotkey)
  • ️Flyout menu of other extensions won’t create shelves on Brusherator (whaaat)
  • ️No more empty lines in shelves
  • ️No need to switch off Current Tool Only Photoshop option anymore
  • ️Wrong names of context menu items

16 Nov 2016: Brusherator 1.1.0

  • Actions may be placed on a panel as buttons
  • Flyout menu (CC2014+) — striped small thing on the right of the panel
  • You can select shelves from flyout menu
  • Option to toggle brush size inheritance for all buttons (default: size is inherited)
  • Option to toggle names visible on image buttons (default: off)
  • Option to close a panel after button click (default: off)
  • Name filter field in “Select Preset(s)” dialog is available on CC2015+ on OSX (may be slow!)
  • You can open Brusherator data folder from flyout menu (for backups)
  • ️Brush selection is faster on Windows
  • ️”Name on the panel ” field is available for all types of buttons (so you could type a name for image button)
  • ️”Use preset size ” checkbox if you want to override brush size inheritance for specific tool
  • ️”Select Preset(s)” dialog is taller
  • ️Checker for Current shelf
  • ️Button size ignores Photoshop UI font size option
  • ️Moving/resizing buttons in Edit Mode won’t trigger them
  • ️Tablet Pen doesn’t lose sensitivity in Windows

11 Nov 2016: Brusherator 1.0.1

  • Wrong thumbnails size when Photoshop rulers aren’t pixels
  • Text buttons with spaces in their names jumping all over the place

10 Nov 2016: Brusherator 1.0.0

10 Nov 2016: Brusherator Preview 1.0