Edit Buttons and their arrangement

This section is about editing individual button properties and customizing your panel.

To edit button settings, chose Edit button... from RMB-menu or Alt+Click the button:


Edit Button window structure resembles the Add Button window.

  • The assigned preset and its type are indicated in the first section

  • The second section is used to change the appearance of the button

  • The third section is used to update preset setting or change new appearance options


Button Appearance

  • Select a different appearance type to recreate the button with different name, background color or update the thumbnail.

  • To change a name or a button title for thumbnail button, select Custom image, use Current Thumb and change the name in Name on the panel field:


Update thumbnails

Edit thumbnail will open open thumbnail of the button for editing in PS, Edit stroke preview will open stroke preview for Brusherator Preview.


Update Preset and Create/Update Alternative

Current Brush ot Tool Preset can be updated directly from Edit Button window of Brusherator. Use Update the preset button to replace the preset, assigned to the button, with active instrument. Alternatives also can be created or updated from this window.

Edit Mode

In Edit mode you can

  • resize any button

  • grab and move buttons around

  • align them

  • match size/color

  • rearrange shelves (if you have Show Shelves as Tabs option enabled)

Hit Alt+Click on empty space, use RMB-menu or Edit Mode button in the Bottom Menu to switch to Edit Mode.


Selecting and moving buttons

Draw rectangular selection, add or substract from selection with Ctrl/Cmd+Click.
Move buttons freely.


Note that in older CC2013 Ctrl/Cmd+Click won’t work, there’s a Add to Selection item in button RMB-menu.


Grab and move a handler in the bottom-right of a button to resize it.

Aligning, stacking

Use Align submenu to align or stack buttons together


Matching Size and Color

Use Match submenu to match buttons size or background color. The button on which the submenu was called will be a reference for size or color.


Transfering buttons between shelves

Select the buttons you want to copy or move to a different shelf and use Transfer Buttons command from Fly-out menu (or Bottom menu for CC2013)


Deleting Buttons

Shift+Click on a button or use Delete button RMB-menu command to delete a button from the panel.
While in Edit Mode you can delete several selected buttons with RBM-menu command.

  • Only the button will delete the button from Brusherator without deleting the preset and thumbnails (useful if you have the same button on several shelves)

  • Button and thumbnails will delete the button and all the thumbnails, but leave the preset in Photoshop

  • Button, thumbnail and preset will also delete the Preset from Photoshop