Interface and settings



CC2013 Differences

Note that interface and hotkeys for the first Photoshop CC (2013) are slightly different because it lacks some functionality of modern Photoshops: like Fly-out menu for instance.


Fly-out menu



Settings are available from Fly-out menu (CC2014+) and Settings button in the Bottom menu. Settings are unique for Brusherator, Brusherator Plus and Plus 2.


Preserve Brush Size

With this option enabled, next brush selected on the panel will inherit current tool size


Preserve Brush Settings

This is a new option in the version 1.6.0 and will work only in Photoshops from CC2015.5. With this option enabled, next brush selected while holding a Shift key will inherit some of the current tool settings (Opacity, Blending mode, Flow, Wetness, Load, Strength).

For example I have a brush with 40% opacity and click on a Round Brush preset that has 100% by default without Shift key on the left and with the key on the right. Notice how Round Brush preset inherited 40% opacity of the previous tool.


Show Names on Image Buttons

With this option selected, buttons with thumbnails will have their names shown:


Hide Panel on Button Click

Clicking a button will hide the panel. Reopen it with hotkey.

Highlight Current Button

Last clicked button is highlighted with this option turned on.

Show Shelves as Tabs

Shelves are visible on the panel.

Resize to Content

Switching between shelves will optimize the size of the panel (CC2015+).

Mute Panel Colors

Turn this option on to mute background colors of the panel buttons. This function can be assigned to a hotkey.