Advanced Features

Alternatives for tools

On Brusherator one button can call two presets or actions and the second preset is called an Alternative. Since both presets share the same button, usually it’s convenient to have as an alternative a tool that is similar to the main tool. Several examples:

  • Two actions: one will flip image canvas horizontally and the second — vertically;

  • Hard and soft round brushes;

  • Horizontal and vertical brush with the same shape

  • Eyedroppers with Current Layer and Current & Below settings

To create an Alternative for Brush or Tool preset, simply hit Create Alternative button in Edit Button window.
You can also manually create them: rename or create a preset, Action or Script that has _a suffix after the name of the main tool (like paintbrush and paintbrush_a, doSomething.jsx and doSomething_a.jsx for scripts)

Buttons with Alternatives have white left-top corner. To select an Alternative, Ctrl/Cmd+Click a button.


What about scripts? Ctrl/Cmd+Clicking is reserved for using as a modifier key for Toggletator and Scriptorator.


There’re several scripts that come with Brusherator, they can be assigned to hotkeys to further improve your experience and speed:

  • toggleAtlernative: Toggles between Main and Alternative of last selected button;

  • bt_cycleTools: Cycle between two last used button on Brusherator or BT Plus;

  • toggleBrusherator, toggleBrusheratorPlus, and toggleBrusheratorPlus2: toggle visibility of Brusherator and Brusherator Plus panels;

  • BT_brushes: script for switching between shelves (see below)

Switching between shelves with hotkey

BT_brushes script can be used to switch to a particular Shelf with a hotkey.
It’ll also show the panel if was hidden.

  1. Close Photoshop;

  2. Go to *Photoshop Folder*/Presets/Scripts and find BT_brushes.jsx file there;

  3. Duplicate as many instances of the script as you need: each instance will be used to switch to a particular shelf;

  4. Rename the instances of the script with the following pattern:

    • BT_ (for Brusherator) OR BTP_ (for Brusherator Plus) + shelfname + .jsx

BT_Heads.jsx will switch to Heads shelf of Brusherator;
BTP_texture brushes.jsx wills witch to texture brushes shelf of Brusherator Plus.

If the script tries to switch to non-existing Shelf, new Shelf will be created.

Assigning scripts to hotkeys

To assign scripts to hotkeys for Photoshop from CC2015.5

  1. Go to FlyOut menu > Assign Shortcuts... menu

  2. Select the function you want to assign your key

  3. Type a key and select a modifier if needed. To use F-keys simply start typing f followed by a number

../_images/assign16.png ../_images/assign-.png

To assign scripts to hotkeys for Photoshop before CC2015.5

  1. Go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts Photoshop menu

  2. Make sure that Shrotcuts For: is set to Applications Menu

  3. Find BT shorcuts under File > Scripts

  4. And assign shortcuts



  • Buttons with Eyedropper tool presets will automatically switch back to painting tool

  • Hold shift when adding new buttons to automatically put last used settings in appearance options

  • Use bt_cycleTools script to quickly switch back to prevous used tool

  • Adding buttons from Active Tool is a great way to create temporary tools for specific tasks: like when painting a chain or a bunch of stones:

    • create an tip for new preset

    • use Add... from active document to create a new preset with this tip, hold Shift so it’d create automatically with last used settings

    • adjust the brush

    • use Update The Last Used Button Preset in Fly-out menu to implement the changes